ccalam’s words about the music and words and pictures and words about the pictures and words


Get Ready to ROCK (read the full review):

an introspective space cowboy version of Nick Drake perhaps, who probably took a puff and then started recording his jumbled thoughts…. And jumbled and eclectic as they may be, there is undoubtedly an inner strand to the ccalam’s narrative…. one part the work of a meandering colourful wordsmith and another part a synth driven musical melange.

Dukester (read the full review – scroll down, they put the newest reviews at the top)

like a lone troubadour who’s then been remixed by NIN or Depeche Mode, except its him doing it all with his own vision. Sometimes he’s on acoustic, sometimes its goddamn electric. Singing whats on his mind. The tunes and the sound are there. Truly. On radio he’d be a star.

iamasadlittleboy (Read the full review) about “He thinks of the Sixties”:

The song just again has some sort of wonderful charm which keeps hooked from start to end, and makes you want to stick the track on repeat.

Sound on Sound August 2007 (Read the full review)

C Calam has produced a beautifully packaged debut album, and you get the impression that an equal amount of hard work has been expended on the music. That work has paid off in many areas, most notably the synth programming, which yields dense arrangements brimming with imaginative sounds and textures.

Bad… translated from French (Read the full review)

a tasty cocktail between Radiohead, Massive, Lou Reed and Beck. It makes us travel through throbbing, planing, and the urban road movie

Some old comments on pre-release versions of the tracks

A moderator at SoundonSound (on “took”)

OK – I’ve listened some more to this track after a break, and wow – I really think it’s an excellent piece with real mood and compositional interest. I can’t think of anything particularly meaningful to say about the production which is a sure sign that I’m completely carried away with the music. More please!

A moderator at musesmuse (about “when I get delusions”)

the drums and guitar and synths make this amazing aural bubble bath or something you want to swim your head around in

A welsh person (about “it’s only me”)

Sitting in front of a PC isn’t the best way to listen to music IMO. Maybe if I was horizontal I would have appreciated it more. Nevertheless, keep ‘em coming

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