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Buying the download at Payloadz

Buy at Payloadz:

Payloadz are part of the mighty Paypal/Ebay empire, so you can probably trust them with your credit card. Paypal handles all the payment stuff, so we never handle any of your information.

Once you have paid you get to the thankyou page, at the bottom of that page you will see a “Continue to downloads” link which will take you to the download page. Paypal will also send you an email with the link in it.

The file is a 50MByte zip file containing all eleven tracks from the CD as well as a front cover picture. There is also a link to a special page on this site where you can grab all of the CD artwork
(look in the freebies.html file).

The tracks have been encoded as high quality MP3 files. For those of you that want the technical details: we used lame with the "-V2 –vbr-new" flags. There is no DRM or copy protection on these files, they are just regular MP3’s.

If you have any problems at all just contact us and we will sort something out for you!

Buy at Payloadz:

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