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Aug 28

Tried a google adword experiment

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Tried a bit of an experiment with advertising on google. My idea was to
pick a few musicians I liked and have my ads come up when people searched
for them. I tried doing the searches and not many ads came up, so I figured
it would be pretty cheap, £0.05 per click maybe? In that case if I could break
even selling an album every 100 clicks or so. Hmm… not likely, but seemed
worth a shot anyway to see what would happen.

So I set it up – there’s a £5 upfront payment, but after that you only pay
for the clicks, so that didn’t seem so bad.

Well I picked some slightly popular people and some pretty obsure ones as keywords
and for some reason £0.06 was the lowest I could go on any of them. I also
wrote a dumb ad: “ccalam – new album” and set it goingi on Saturday night.

By the next day there had been 150 impressions or so and no clicks. Some
of the more popular keywords went inactive – because no one was clicking
Google had decided my ads were not high enough quality and so would need
more money per click in order to go on showing them for those keywords. Fair
enough – I put the per click I was prepared to pay up to £0.11 and £0.17
as google suggested.

I also changed the ad to add a ‘call to action’ (another google suggestion),
so now it was “listen to ccalam”.

Later in the day I got a click! One whole click. But the person didn’t listen
- so much for calls to action. By then all the keywords were up to £0.17 – even
the ones that were very obscure (ie only 1 impression in the whole day) which
suprised me.

Over sunday night I had 3,555 impressions and one more click (again no listening),
but by the morining all the keywords were inactive – and needed £0.55 per click
to activate.

Looks like this strategy isn’t going to work – at least it only
cost me £5.34 to find out.

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