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May 27

Snort, pop, click

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Nose was all blocked so decided to snort some of the steroid stuff the doctor gave me when I had the ringing ears earlier this year. Seemed to help.

Then tried recording some vocals for “the big parade”, but computer was popping and clicking all the time. Did a web search and found that this is a common thing using the onboard firewire port of my motherboard and some people had fixed it by buying a TI based PCI firewire card (those people include the guy who told me it ran OK with the internal port!). Ordered a new firewire card. Then froze as many things as possible and deleted a bunch of unused stuff so I could record without the clicking.

After I had some goodish vocal takes, spent ages mixing the thing – mostly messing with the eq on the drums to make them less overpowering. Was going to carefully comp the vocal, but as usual couldn’t decide anything and just used the take with least mistakes. Also rerecorded the electric guitar in the first chorus… of course I still don’t like it. Anyway exported the mix, encoded as mp3, chucked it up on the website and posted it up on muse – it’s up on the music page too…

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