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May 21

Going through the songs

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Started going through all the half finished songs . Most are OK, one (calling out for help) should definately die. I though the Aminor fingerpicking one should also die, but I think I can save it by a few slight changes… it’ll still be weird, but at least not psycotic.

The going through got stopped when I got to “he thinks of the 60s” and I started playing around with the arrangement, dropping stuff out at the beginning and moving the drums from the korg to the computer etc. Also did losds more vocal takes, but they are not good enough yet.

Also put “the backroom” lyrics up on musesmuse – only got one reply (and 30 views, one of which was probably me), but that was helpful as it pointed out some stuff that wasn’t too clear in there.

And last night while watching TV I had an idea for new lyrics to save the terrible “wake you from your dreams” song. Only have first verse so far:

Grey smoke blew into your dreams
Grey smoke from a billion TV screens
Now the air is clear and everything is clean
But grey smoke still swirls around your dreams

It uses the crappy everything-almost-rhymes rhyme pattern I’m always doing, but it’s much better than what went before… now I just need a chorus verse 2 and bridge.

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