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Reviews at Get Ready to Rock and Dukester

August 20th, 2007 | Category: Blog

Two new reviews (not that I have been desperately googling myself or anything):

  • Get Ready to ROCK: an introspective space cowboy version of Nick Drake perhaps, who probably took a puff and then started recording his jumbled thoughts…. And jumbled and eclectic as they may be, there is undoubtedly an inner strand to the ccalam’s narrative…. one part the work of a meandering colourful wordsmith and another part a synth driven musical melange.
  • Dukester (you might need to scroll down a bit as they put the newest reviews at the top): like an lone troubadour whose then been remixed by NIN or Depeche Mode, except its him doing it all with his own vision. Sometimes he’s on acoustic, sometimes its goddamn electric. Singing whats on his mind. The tunes and the sound are there. Truly. On radio he’d be a star.
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