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CD Review by Bad

June 08th, 2007 | Category: Blog

There’s a new review of the CD by Bad – read it here in the original French.

Here is a rough translation into English:

I had already discovered CCALAM, artist English/Greek/Burmese composer, author, at the time of his invitation on myspace.

The influences of the young man: Beck, Billy Bragg, Boards of Canada, J J Fix, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Julian Cope, Kevin Coyne, The Cure, Miles Davis, Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, Fischer Z, Peter Gabriel, Lamb, Massive Attack, Jimmy Page, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Lou Reed, Sigur Ros, Sufjan Stevens, They Might Be Giants, Tom Waits, Neil Young.

How thus all that went was going to give in a shaker? Thus the nice postman deposited me the album in my letter-box! My ears were impatient to hear this opus of 11 titles, was I going to be allured? and the answer was without call large yes!

First of all the voice of CCALAM is generally soft, enveloping and warm, sometimes it is done more profound and malefic (“Watch” i.e), the texts are like small tales of the ordinary madness of our lives. CCALAM knew to combine all its influences with its own leg. It is rich musicalement all in subtle keys , without pretentious ornaments or of superfluous fuss. Personally, I find that it is a tasty cocktail between Radiohead, Massive, Lou Reed and Beck. It makes us travel throug throbbing, planing, and the urban road movie.

The album is built in the continuation of the pieces, I listened to it in loop several times, yes I know… une compulsive greedy and really this album is held, without rupture, with a pleasant fluidity and envoûtante. Of course I have blows of heart on the album like “Watch”, “He thinks of the sixties”, “Baby Thinks”. I leave you his myspace link which you will discover his universe and which can order its album! I say it to you it will be necessary to count on Portugal in the pop music because frankly this album is quite simply a jewel!

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